Fight Back Against Ageing with Botox Anti Wrinkle Injections

Botox is a commonly used treatment to target the fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the eyes, brows, and forehead, as we age. Environmental factors and genetics together with the natural loss of collagen and elastin combine to create wrinkles, and these can get deeper over time. Professional wrinkle relaxing injections can restore your skin and your confidence. If you are looking for a solution to reduce facial or to tighten neck skin then Youth Encore’s Harley Street clinic in London  is the best place to start.

Upper face Wrinkles Treatment

More youthful and fresher and more rested look can be the reasons why you might need wrinkle reduction treatment. Genetics, environment, life style, weight loss, facial expressions cause skin wrinkling.
Reduce facial wrinkles
Tighten your neck

Nefertiti Neck Lift Treatment

It’s the bane of aging women and men increasingly everywhere – you may stay in shape and have a youthful face, only to have your age betray you by your neck. Concerned about a sagging chin, you want to tighten your neck skin.

Eyebrow Lift Treatment

There is a large fat pad sitting underneath the brow that declines with age for women starting at age 27, and men at age 37. Sometimes, clients may also not have a robust fat pad there since birth. This will lead to heavy brows and droopy eyelids.
Lifting a brow of a girl
Facial asymmetry correction

Masseter Hypothrophy

This is a very popular treatment for those suffering from bruxism/TMJ dysfunction. It can also help in those patients wishing to create the illusion of a slimmer lower face.

Botox, Anti Wrinkle Injections Before and After

Looking to regain your youthful appearance? Disliking the deepening wrinkles across your face? Botox is the answer that you have been looking for. Take a look at our Gallery to see before and after images, which show how incredible your transformation could be. Or simply visit our wrinkle treatment clinic and experience first-hand the incredible success of wrinkle injections treatment, delivered by our experienced and passionate Harley Street team. We will spend time with you, listening to you throughout your consultation. We understand that everyone is unique and that your appearance is deeply personal and we will always work with you at our clinic using our professional treatments to achieve the look that you most desire.

Interested in Getting Botox Treatments? Book an Appointment at Our Harley Street, London Clinic

Love yourself, love your skin and speak to us today. Botox treatment provides a simple and effective way of renewing vitality in your skin. Love your skin again with the team at Youth Encore on the world-renowned Harley St. Contact us today and bring your confidence back to life.

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