Welcome To Youth Encore

Welcome To Youth Encore

Hi and welcome to Youth Encore. I’m the Nurse Practitioner Shadi the owner and founder of Youth Encore.

Youth Encore is the first step on your journey to healthy aging. It begins with our relationship together. We welcome you as part of the process. Our client relationship is 3 dimensional. We get to know you during your diagnosis. Your diagnosis will be over seen by myself.

At Youth Encore I take pride in an international methodology following this diagnosis. I have the highest qualification and training in Aesthetic medicine by acquiring the level 7 in aesthetic medicine. Upholding this commitment to education I keep my knowledge up to date by attending master courses internationally and with Harley group in Uk. I attend Aesthetic and Antiaging medicine world conference in Monaco every year gaining unmatched exposure to a confluence of antiaging techniques on a global platform. 

The untouched look starts with diagnosis. Diagnosis draws on this education. As I respect you and your skin I learn as much as possible during your consultation, I touch and feel your skin, I study your skin, I ask questions to understand you and after diagnosis and after diagnosis it comes assessment. As part of the assessment, I take professional before and after photos. I identify your family history to pave an antiaging path for you. With assessment complete I choose the right treatment for you and together we uncover your untouched look. We maintain a dialogue as I want to know your thoughts on the result and I want to stand sided to side with you for the entire journey.                                                          My goal is for clients to look like the best version of themselves.

So over the past 10 years practicing as a Biomedical scientist, ICU Specialist Nurse and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner I have endeavoured to study antiaging worldwide in order to develop a personal yet universal course for healthy aging.

I have had the privilege of working with renown aesthetic doctors and consultants from all over the world and it opened my eyes to potential of applying a scientific European approach to the American industry giving birth ultimately to GOOD SKIN.

My aesthetic is your aesthetic. As part of my philosophy Antiaging is a recipe for increase happiness and success.

Since the untouched look is based on personal diagnosis the end result is personal, it’s so personal that the very name came courtesy of the client. I will never forget it when one a client said “ I DON’T LOOK DIFFERENT I LOOK THE BERST VERSION OF MY SELF ITS UNTOUCHED”.

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